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We have been ponder on how to attain the ultimately simple, and what we need is a brand new thinking for an unprecedented style with the minimum components, fewest wire, simplest structure, maximum handiness and best combination property - the 3D ARMOR 3 is the very product of a whole new shape with a perfect coherent entity. The moment you activate the 3D ARMOR 3, you will realize it has the right excellence 3D equipment deserves.


Unibody Designing

"Brand new" means we have given up all the old thoughts and set off to rethink what are the true needs in 3D shooting. We abandon all manner of futile components and farraginous wires. Instead, the necessary components and wires are all merged inside the body to present a neat and clean appearance of the machine. It is easy to build a product with hundreds of components, whereas building it with dozens of components while maintaining all the requisite functions is extremely difficult, not to mention when you also have to perfectly merge those components together. Using the Unibody designing's structure requires more accuracy and even fewer components - this product has achieved what other 3D devices could not and never have tried.

The most pleasant optical axis adjustment, providing you the best stereoscopic effect

Thanks to vertical SLR optical designing,3D ARMOR has the best stereoscopic intensity appropriate and the most pleasant 0-100MM optical axis adjusting distance. Coordinating with the tilt shift controlling system, it's can reach the accuracy of 0.01mm.

The fastest reinstallation

In the set where the speed is highly emphasized, time is the most valuable resource. From the photographer's perspective, faster installation, debugging and set transitions are desired. The new joint plate has a V shape weighting structure which is stable and sturdy, and it can be at a position parallel to the main body or with certain angle. The plate can be instantly removed to let you make high angle shooting, low angle shooting, shoulder shooting, Steadicaming or rocking shaft shooting, etc.

Three axis control breakthrough

For any good 3D equipment, the control system is particularly important. We carefully adjust the 3D ARMOR 3 axis, the Angle, up and down three together. In order to ascend to a new high control precision, we adopt Germany imported brushless motor, using the interface to the wireless control unit at the same time, making it has higher resolution and more powerful driving force. It can easily carry ARRI, RED, SONY models cameras, and more. For a stronger guarantee filming schedule, 3D ARMOR and keep the manual regulation, in the case of a power controller, you can also use the special screw driver.

Never presented as never created

We advocate simple and free design style. Such a good design will not only present a pleasant look, but also make you more concentrate on your work. This design comprises a whole piece aluminum alloy milled lens hood, which will amaze you with the astonishing crafting, shape and texture.

3D compositing

The new 3D ARMOR 3 integrates the signal processing which allows you to make 3D compositing in real time through two-way SDI signal input/output or single HDMI output. You can also export the signal to a 3D television for monitoring.

Relay power keeps the system on for all time

Another example of the perfect details is our new relay power which provides 14.8V uninterruptible power supply. Each time we finishing the debugging of our equipments on the set, the least thing we want to see is a dead battery, because changing battery probably means you need to reset some parts of the equipment. When you have the relay power which is capable for two large capacity batteries, you can change the batteries while the equipment is running.

Equipped with REMOTE AIR PRO 3D synchronous control system

Brought by a totally different focal experience and equipped with six channels REMOTE AIR PRO, 3D ARMOR 3 can control two groups of the focus of the lens, the focal length and aperture at the same time. You just need to transfer the motor into the corresponding channel respectively, and then you can control two groups of lens synchronously and precisely.

200MM telephoto lens with spectacular definition

To achieve perfect definition is extremely difficult for a focal length more than 200mm.The definition of images obtained by the reflection of normal SLR lenses' will drop when the focal length is over 70mm, and images shot over 120mm length is even invalid. The problem is in the lens: normal lens seems to be quite smooth, but the surface of these lenses is as rough as a rock under a Nano scope. That's why the decline of definition happens when the image is enlarged. We have polished our lens using nanotechnology before the lens SLR coating and anti-reflective coating are applied to ensure the smoothness of the lens. Only in this way can we ensure the definition of the lens over 200mm length will be clear and sharp.