BMD ARMOR Function Design  | Technical specifications  | Application examples

Three shooting modes applicable to all scenarios
BMD ARMOR has three operating modes: hand-hold, shoulder and live. The operating mode specialized for evening parties has broken the traditional idea that BMPC cannot make live cast. When operated by hand, controlling and zooming can be done using two handles directly, and the NERVE button will assist the recording as well. The shouldering applies seamless integration technologies and you can adjust the balance weight as your wish. You will feel the shoulder shooting quite balanced, light and handy.



BMPC is an excellent product, but it needs a lot of external equipments to attain a smooth operation, which causes headaches for the purists of art, and hence the need for an equipment that facilitates the BMPC's excellence has became urgent. Such equipment should be compatible for hand-hold, shoulder, and live cast so the BMPC's advantage can be maximized. It should also integrate all general utility functions to provide full control of the FOCUS, ZOOM, and allow you to do things like supplementary lighting and recording. The BMD ARMOR only consists of essential components without anything futile, and it will make everything simple again!




Integrated handle
Comprising features from FOUCUS, ZOOM, live shooting to function modulation, this is not only a handle that integrates all the controlling functions, but rather a piece of art on which not a single screw can be found.

Hidden battery

We have merged the battery inside the machine. The battery shape fits the body perfectly and has more than 4 hours' life which will certainly satisfy your shooting in a whole day.

with zoom system

With zoom control system derived from REMOTE AIR good, this time we control the cable directly to the built-in BMD ARMOR inside the fuselage, obligate the expansion of the external receiver socket at the same time, prepare for later add wireless control.


Integrated lens hood

We have designed a concise, integrated lens hood for the BMD ARMOR with gobos that open and close freely.
Extraordinary detail
The BMD ARMOR aims at the upgrading of user's experience. For this reason, we focused on every aspect, every function and every display method we considered best fit to provide you the most delicate battery indicator, the simplest and most intuitive installation with perfect details. The more you use BMD ARMOR, the more beauty you will experience.

magnetic shoulder

We hope all design as far as possible avoid the use of tools to install, remove, to do this, seamless again at the same time, magnetic is undoubtedly one of the best choice.

Trunk handle

People said that you cannot have both solid and lithe at the same time, but we have found a balance after the repeatedly optimizing of the technique and structure by hollowing out the inside of the trunk handle and finally make the appearance as concise, light and solid as possible.