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LIVE AIR is dedicated to SLR camera users. It really gets rid of the wire and power bondage. Simplicity and lightness are essence in LIVE AIR. Comprehensive all advantages of REMOTE LIVE 2 and REMOTE AIR MINI, the redesigned single-channel wireless follow focus, is the best focusing device for a single person.


Simple and highly practical

Using REMOTE LIVE 2 fastening methods, installed any 15mm-30mm tube diameter without any accessories ,and multi-angle installation can be combined with handheld Gimbal stabilizer, three-axis Gimbal stabilizer, Nikon, shoulder frame, rocker arm, tripod equipment.


Multiple control

Whether in a team or a single person work, the products are interrelated and satisfy every demand that you need in use.


Remove complicated

MOTOR adopt prevent short circuit and technology of low consumption standby. The motor will turn on automatically when it is connected to the power supply. Save unnecessary steps to get you to work faster.


All unctions in one button

MOTOR has new practical functions such as automatically or manually calibration, adjust the speed of the motor, clear lens calibration and recover lens calibration after power-off, it can finish all functions in one button.