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LIVE AIR dedicate to SLR camera users. It really gets rid of the wire and power bondage. Simplicity and lightness are the   essences in LIVE AIR. Comprehensive all advantages of REMOTE LIVE 2 and REMOTE AIR MINI, we redesign a single-channel wireless follow focus, is the best focusing device for a single person.

   Precision details, integrated molding

   LIVE AIR adopts integrated molding design technics and adopts         magnesium alloy with better shock absorption, lower density,   impact resistance and stronger load capacity as the body material.                    Each dimension is finely carved with CNC.


Not compromise, choose the most appropriate.

LIVE AIR has two models of wireless controllers. Frequent use focus can choose PDL-MP-AF hand-wheel version controller, frequent use zoom for doing push-pull effect can choose PDL-MP-AZ push-pull lever version controller.

Avoid complex, make it simple

The highlight of LIVE AIR is the addition of the new member MOTOR MINI, the advantages of LIVE AIR are lighter, thinner, and convenient. Even if instal on the SLR camera, it won't add too much weight.

Simple And Highly Practical

LIVE AIR using the PDL-T1 fastening methods which installs any 15mm-30mm tube diameter without any accessories, the multi-angle installation can combine with handheld Gimbal stabilizer, three-axis Gimbal stabilizer, Nikon, shoulder frame, rocker arm, tripod equipment.

Potent battery life

Inside such a lightweight controller, we put in a small battery that can keep the controller on standby for up to 20 hours. It lasts for 8 hours for continuous shooting and works very well.




Abandonment is for cater

The motor has a special battery slot, which changes the previous type B power supply wire and adopts 600mAh 7.2v battery as the replaceable power supply. When the battery is connected, it will start up automatically, and when the battery is pulled out, it will shut down automatically, saving unnecessary steps. A battery can be used continuously for four hours.


One button, a lamp

The functions of LIVE AIR, such as automatic/manual calibration, remove the lens stroke, restore the lens stroke when power off, etc. can be completed several instructions by pressing a button. The indicator can visually display the current state of the motor or controller, such as the color display of residual power.


Bluetooth connection

       Controller and motor built-in Bluetooth function, can be direct via Bluetooth connection, do not need any wire auxiliary, and the control range of 20 meters.

The motor can also be controlled by the iOS app. Please search PDMOVIE or REMOTE AIR, then download the app from the Apple store.

Applies to different types of lens

LIVE AIR can easily drive most of the film focus lens and SLR camera lens.




Integrated lock, special accessories

The lock of the LIVE AIR motor is fixed and the aperture is 15mm. We also designed a special fixture for LIVE AIR, "hot shoe clip and long 15cm diameter 15mm catheter".