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In the third generation of REMOTE AIR, We redesigned the controller which conforms for operating, developed the highest
performance and extended the 4.0 Bluetooth module.Retains the traditional, simple control elements of the REMOTE AIR 2.
Whether it's size, appearance, performance, or function, it's perfect.


Extremely Thin

REMOTE AIR has always been the main product of PDMOVIE wireless focus series. Now, the redesigned third generation
of REMOTE AIR will make it lighter and thinner.The 18mm controller, even 1mm thinner than the motor,
and only half size of the REMOTE AIR 2. Remove all rhombus corner and use the most comfortable
cambered surface’s design.You will not be tired even you control the remote focus, zoom for a long time.

Subtle Touch, Respond Instantaneously

We changed the original diameter of 52mm FOCUS hand wheel to the diameter of 57mm. We have added two more pull-push levers of REMOTE AIR 3 for controlling ZOOM and IRIS, so you can control three channels in the same time. Each control unit has 7200 super high resolution, every resolution can clearly displayed on the OLED screen. REMOTE AIR 3 can sense every tweaks / turns for you.

New OLED Display

The new OLED display is with many new functions, except displaying signal channel, signal strength, remaining power of the controller and receiving motor power, Bluetooth connection mark, 7200 levels of 6 pixel control channel and linear pixel bars representing ZOOM and IRIS can also be displayed.

More sensitive, Faster, Stronger

The motor adopts high precision brushless motors, imported from Germany. In order to highlight the controllability of REMOTE AIR 3 controller, we upgraded the motor to make it 100% efficient and improve the response speed, rotation speed and rotation strength. In the same lens, it took 1.2 seconds to run around before, now only 0.7 second. It offers you a faster, more accurate, zero latency control experience.

4.0 Bluetooth Connection

REMOTE AIR 3 is equipped with the 4.0 Bluetooth module. There are two different ways to control the motors: traditional or with the App. Equipped with IOS system, you can use all the functions from REMOTE AIR APP such as the software and hardware are used interactively, save lens data, set the AB point and program the lens to run automatically.

Right and Left Hand Control

We take the operate details into consideration and continue the hand control design of the previous generation. Switch direction of rotation for the motor any time, whether you prefer to use your left hand or right hand to control, it will satisfy whatever you need.

100M Transmission Distance

Using 2.4G wireless technology and full duplex mode for signal transmission without delay. It has anti-interference and error correction function, with the farthest 100M transmission distance and ensure the most stable work.

Long-life Battery

The REMOTE AIR 3 controller has a built-in large capacity battery which can last for up to 30 hours at a time. We have second supply plan as well, if the controller doesn't have enough power, you can use a power bank to charge it.

Applied to both 2D and 3D

REMOTE AIR 3 can control each channel separately, also can be used to switch the two motors to the same channel as the 3D synchronization.