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The core of REMOTE AIR MINI: we adopt APP interface control whose performance advantages are obvious, slight, convenient and unique. We combine all your favorite elements into this APP which seems to be simple but in fact has powerful function. Now you just need to download from APP STORE to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and connect the Bluetooth motor then use it with delight.


High-accuracy brushless motor, light, thin and strong

The new REMOTE AIR MINI is equipped with high accuracy brushless motor imported from German which runs smoothly and you can hardly hear any noise when it rotates at high speed. The strong driving force can easily drive professional camera lens such as Angeniewx/Arri Ultra/Cooke and is compatible with light damping camera lens.
Stable signal transmission

REMOTE AIR MINI adopts low power consumption bluetooth module and can achieve faster data transmission and immediate response without any delay. The stable transmission distance between two devices is set as 20M, in condition that the distance is too far and cause interrupt, the device can connect automatically within short time once back to the signal range.

Convenient software upgrade

The biggest advantage of REMOTE AIR MINI is the APP touch control operation, and the APP on IOS system can upgrade free from time to time. When there is new function added to the APP, you can download it to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the first time through wireless method.
More intelligent automatic zoom

REMOTE AIR MINI adds ZOOM automatic operating function. You just need to place the camera and set the zoom range and the time required by running at the live scene, and REMOTE AIR would finish the rest work and operate according to the parameters you set.


Automatic backup lens data

REMOTE AIR save lens data through member login. After registering and logining in the SET interface, you can mark and save the normally used lens fast and REMOTE AIR would upload the data to server at backstage. When you login the account on new device, REMOTE AIR would download the data saved in server automatically.
Manually mark

Remote air uses the most fast and accurate marking method allowing you mark lens parameter on APP interface directly. The mark position is super accurate without any physical or visual error, it is simple and fast, and can accurate to 0.01.


Import/invoke/ share lens data

You will enjoy so much pleasant with the using of marking method on IOS APP interface which make it unique. Besides marking your own parameter, you can also login account to download lens data, so that you may import corresponding data accoding to lens and share the marked data with your friends.

Abundant extended function

The outstanding performance goes with more outstanding function and that is what REMOTE AIR MINI does. It can connect two or more motors and even set two motors in the same channel to support 3D shoot.