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We upgrade and strengthen the wireless follow focus REMOTE AIR PRO 2, The performance has qualitative change:the IOS APP is more intelligent, the reasonable arrangement of the button that is faster, accurate, smooth, steady physical focus and zoom; in the entire control process, you almost can not feel any delay.


Details Experience Comes From “Brevity”


REMOTE AIR PRO 2 use the standard of extreme simplicity for designing, use the integrated molding process design and can not see any screw on controller.

Button Instructions Of Simple And Natural


The whole controller has two buttons which are the hand wheel control and the push and pull button, it is natural and easy to use. When you are familiar with the commands of several different functions, it can easy to control REMOTE AIR PRO 2.

7200 Resolution, Incredibly Exquisite


The hand-wheel controller uses the 7200 level resolution that's mean turn a circle of the controller hand-wheel subdivided 7200 level, each tiny rotation can be clearly shown on the OLED screen, the REMOTE AIR PRO 2 can sense every tiny rotation.

Sensitive Push And Pull Button


REMOTE AIR PRO 2 added new push and pull button which can control the Zoom and Iris. when you use fingertips for gently touching, you can complete a variety of zoom action.


Sharper, Faster And Stronger


In order to provide a better control sensation to customer,we optimize and upgraded the firmware and hardware of the motor making it energy efficiency as high as 200% Improve its response speed,rotation speed and rotation strength. This is MOTOR AIR.



Small, But No Reduce


MOTOR AIR is a new member in the motor series and the new design style simplify the motor body. The motor is thinner and lighter, the speed and power are two time of the last generation. New MOTOR AIR instant power reaches up to 0.8Nm, it is equivalent to 70 watts of power consumption. It is a faster response and almost no delay.


Flexible,4 Times Drive Resolution


MOTOR AIR has 8192 levels resolution. It is 4 times higher than the last generation. When it control the lens, no matter how slow it is, it can execute and complete the control instructions accurately and smoothly.


Two Different Specification Motor


MOTOR AIR has two different specifications of the motor which is receiver motor and slave motor. Receiver motor is the receiver built-in the motor, it can install the motor directly on the aircraft, stabilizer or gimbal and do not worrying any weighting problems any more. The slave motor is no built-in reception function. It needs to use the cable connects the receiver motor when using the Focus,Zoom or Iris. The slave motor connects multiple motors with no restriction.



When the REMOTE AIR PRO 2 in a harsh environment such as severe jitter, cold heat, and long-term wear, the aviation self-locking plug will play advantages that is safe and reliable performance, we use power and signal in the transmission mode. The data line is completed by two different purpose which is data transmission and power supply. This specification of unified data line allows you to work faster.

Long Endurance


The controller has a built-in large capacity battery, Can work 60 hours. After we comprehensive consideration, we added more function for the battery such as power bank can supply power to the controller, use the controller USB 5V output interface to input power to iPhone device, when the controller TX is low to a certain value, it will automatically shut down.


Interactive Use Of Software And Hardware


REMOTE AIR PRO 2 has two manipulation mode which controls it by wheel controller or APP. You can mark the lens parameters directly on the APP interface where the tag is accurate without physical and visual errors. It is simple, fast and the precision of 0.01. REMOTE AIR PRO also retains the traditional way of tagging, and you can also use a luminous tag ring to mark the lens.




Intelligent And Comprehensive APP


The new REMOTE AIR APP has added lens automatic operation, interface locking hidden, multi-point vibration prompt function and expands the control range of APP interface. In addition, we further optimize the original functions such as marking, saving, sharing, downloading the used lens data, setting the AB point limit and so on.


Fast Wireless Connection, Stable Signal Transmission


iPhone APP connected to the controller via Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology,The controller is connected with the motor through the 2.4GHZ wireless technology and full duplex mode. The signal is stable, without delay, and supports the farthest 100M transmission distance.


Compatible With Different Models

REMOTE AIR PRO 2 can equipped with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone x, iPod touch. When you use different iPhone, you just need to replace a small piece of accessories.

2D And 3D Are Equally Applicable


REMOTE AIR PRO can control each channel individually, also can switch the two motors to the same channel as the use of 3D synchronous focusing device.


Future, Unlimited Expansion, Unlimited Potential


To make the REMOTE AIR PRO 2 unparalleled in quality, we have achieved improved hardware capabilities, added custom presets, reduced size and weight whilst still maintaining maximum strength and durability. Future updates will be available for the firmware. Experience the potential of the REMOTE AIR PRO 2!