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REMOTE LIVE 2 is a new generation of REMOTE LIVE, It also reflects of our new design and dedicated pursuit; it will achieve the ultimate subtraction: each dimension of volume, weight, and thickness is simplified elaborately, so as to create a lighter body beyond imagination. With the brand new high-precision brushless motor and ultra-high physical resolution, whether it is PDL-F or PDL-FZ, REMOTE LIVE 2 has a more robust performance.

Extremely light, incredibly small

Good design always brings us a better user experience. The new REMOTE LIVE 2 uses the light,thin and small Unibody to design an integrated body part. In such an ultra-compact body, it is very challenging for us to combine the interface power and data transmission together, as well as assure the main control system accurate and smooth. With CNC sophisticated processing, each part of the body is made elaborately. It’s impeccable from a practical application or visua experience.

7200 resolution, incredibly exquisite

With 7200 fine resolution, the dial panel of new REMOTE LIVE 2 can sense the subtlest toggle. 

Flexible installation

To reveal the advantages of REMOTE LIVE 2, continuous innovations are required. REMOTE LIVE 2 new catheter clamp has a special fastening method. It is suitable for catheters with diameter 15mm - 30mm or any tubular handle. It can be installed from multi angles and multi direction, which perfectly matches with your needs.



Extensive range of application

The biggest advantage of REMOTE LIVE 2 is that it can meet almost all of your needs to follow focus and change the focal length. It could be applied to professional tripods,like Steadicam, rocker, stabilizer and more other devices. Regardless of shoulder-on, handheld, or live broadcasting, REMOTE LIVE 2 can realize all kinds of focusing and zooming control, which will become an indispensable part during your shooting process.

Universal & stable data transmission

When REMOTE LIVE 2 is in harsh environments, such as violent shaking, bitter cold or torrid heat, long-term wear etc., auto-lock six-pin aviation plug will play its advantages: safe, reliable, and it can maintain the stability of the performance for a long term. In addition, we use the common transmission mode which applicable for both power supply and signal. We combining two cables for different uses into one data cable. This kind of unified data cable specification is convenient for you get to work faster.


Innovation, originates from excellent heritage

REMOTE LIVE 2 has all functions of REMOTE AIR PRO, such as automatic calibration, automatic distribution of current and rotation speed automatic distribution, motor reversing, as well as AB Point setting function designed for SLR and film lens. It also increases the classification function of controlling the response speed of the motor. You can implement all the excellent functions of REMOTE LIVE 2 through AUTO button.


Simple Operation

When using the focusing-type single-channel handle, a thumb can easily control the focus. When using the push rod type dual-channel handle, the thumb and forefinger control one channel separately; Focus and focal length / iris of the lens can be controlled by one single hand.



High-precision brushless motor

The new REMOTE LIVE 2 is equipped high-precision brushless motor from Germany.It can operates so smoothly, that you can hardly hear any sound when it rotates with high-speed. It is powerful driving force can easily drive all kinds of professional movie camera lens such as Angenieux / Arri / Cooke, etc. It’s also compatible with high torque camera lens.

Applicable for VR / 3D

REMOTE LIVE 2 can controll each

channel individually , also can switch
multi motors to one channel.
which linked by the common data
cable to follow focus when 3D / VR
are shooting simultaneously.


Applicable to professional film, broadcast ENG & camera lens

REMOTE LIVE 2 applies to different types of lens. REMOTE LIVE 2 will be your best choice when you need to use a lot of

different film lens and camera lens.