After-sale service


After-sale technical support
We provide you technological instructions from the installation, early stage shootings to post productions;
1, You can get relevant information on our website, or by means of communication such as e-mail, telephone, WeChat or FACEMATE.
2, We can have our technician sent to you for the guidance if you cover the basic expenses for the round trip air tickets, board and lodging.
Warranty and upgrade services
1, Every product you bought from our company has an one year warranty period since the date of purchase (glass object are not within the scope of  warranty).
2, Please contact us in time if a failure occured so we can provide the warranty service. Defect parts or malfunctions caused by self disassembling will affect your rights of the warranty service.
3, We provide professional maintenance and upgrading services. During the product's normal period for use, we will e-mail you when there are updates or upgrades. Relevant information can be found on our website.
Maintenance process
1, Problem description
Check the reason for the malfunctions and describe the failure conditions, contact us in time to make an appointment for the maintenance.
2, Depot repair
Under the acknowledgement by both sides of the repair details, possible expenses for repairing materials and means of transportation, send the product for repair and an e-mail to us for tracking the information of transportations.
3, Check the maintenance progress
We will start the maintenance as soon as we have the product, and you can check the maintenance progress by various means of communication.
4, Maintenance completed
When the maintenance is completed, under both sides' acknowledgement we will sent the product in the shortest possible time.
Contact us
+86 13672905004
(9:00-17:30 Monday to Friday)


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After-sale service