Small, But Not Reduced



MOTOR AIR is a new member in the motor series. MOTOR AIR use simple design. The body is thinner and lighter, the speed and power are two times of the last generation.New MOTOR AIR instant power reaches up to 0.8Nm, it is equivalent to 70 watts of power consumption. It is fast response and almost no delay.

Flexible,4 times drive resolution

     MOTOR AIR has 8192 levels resolution. It is 4 times higher than the last generation. When it control the lens, no matter how slow it is, it can execute and complete the control instructions accurately and smoothly.

            All functions in one button

                  Automatic or manual calibration;
                   Adjust three levels speed of the motor;
                   Change motor direction;
                   Cancel the calibration;
                    Recover the calibration;

Stable Wireless Transmission

The receiver motor supports two connection modes of WIFI2.4Ghz and Bluetooth. The controller (PDL-TC-AF) or APP can connect/control the motor via Bluetooth. The wireless remote(PD2-HT) can connect/control the motor via WIFI.Wireless 2.4Ghz effective control range: straight line distance of 100 meters, Bluetooth wireless control effective range: straight line distance of 20 meters.

  Precision Details, Integrated Molding

LIVE AIR adopts integrated molding design technics and magnesium alloy with better shock absorption, lower density, impact resistance and stronger load capacity as the body material. Each dimension is finely carved with CNC.

Avoid Complex, Make It Simple

The highlight of LIVE AIR is the addition of the new member MOTOR MINI, the advantages of LIVE AIR are lighter, thinner, and convenient. Even if instal on the SLR camera, it won't add too much weight.


Abandonment Is For Cater

    The motor has a special battery slot, remove the previous D-Tap supply and adopts 600mAh 7.2v battery as the replaceable power supply. When the battery connects with the motor, it will start up automatically, and when the battery pulls out, it will shut down automatically. The new design model saves unnecessary steps and the battery life last up to four hours.


Bluetooth Connection

       Controller and motor have built-in Bluetooth module, if connect via Bluetooth, it do not need any cable and the control range is 20 meters.

The motor can control by the iOS app. Please search PDMOVIE or REMOTE AIR on the Apple store, then download the app.





Integrate U-Clamp, Professional Accessories

         The new design adds the fix U-Clamp on the LIVE AIR motor and the aperture is 15mm. We also add a special clamping device for LIVE AIR, " Camera Hot Shoe Clamp and Catheter of long 15cm and diameter 15mm."





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