1. LIVE CAR is a very light and easy to control electric slide. It is suitable for various scenes such as still life shooting, mobile interview shooting, and video time-lapse shooting.

2. The track length is 393mm, the movable distance is 264mm, and it supports splicing the track to extend the movement distance. The horizontal load-bearing capacity is 7KG, and the vertical load-bearing capacity is 3KG.

3. Use removable high-precision brushless motor MOTOR MINI (follow focus motor) as the electric module. The overall weight is only 862g. The track can be controlled through the follow focus handwheel (additional purchase required) or free APP, and set AB point and automatic operation.

4. LIVE CAR can also be combined with LIVE WHEEL and MOTOR MINI to form a multi-axis control terminal. APP controls the camera translation, left and right rotation, up and down tilt, and lens focus, focal length, and aperture at the same time.

5. When your LIVE CAR is on hold, you can take out the MOTOR MINI separately and use it as a follow focus device. (Need to purchase additional controller or use APP to control)


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