Rf control remote controller(Test mode)


This model only for test and repair, Don't order it! Email us if you need help!

Connect and control the PD-RP / PD-RX motor
1. 20 signal channels optional; 6 control channels optional
2. Automatically calibrated lens travel
3. Motor rotation direction setting
4. Control speed adjustable(Focus default fastest speed)
5. IOS APP control
6. Three channel control 
7. Switchable wired/wireless control
8. A/B point travel limit
9. Support remote recording(Requires additional purchase of recording cable)
·Weight: 262g
·Size: DIA 88mm * H 23mm
·Operating Voltage: 7-20V
·Temperature: +60°C;-20°C
·Power supply: Li-42B recharger lithium battery 600mAh
·Connections: Wireless 2.4G
·Working distance: Straight line - Max 150m
Package list:
Rf control remote controller(Test model)*1