Intelligent and comprehensive APP / 智能而全面的APP



The new REMOTE AIR APP has added lens automatic operation, interface locking hidden, multi-point vibration prompt function and expands the control range of APP interface. In addition, we further optimize the original functions such as marking, saving, sharing, downloading the used lens data, setting the AB point limit and so on.
Compatible with Live Air 2/2S,Remote Air Pro 3, Remote Air 4, MOTOR  MINI 3.

全新的REMOTE AIR APP增加了镜头自动操作,界面锁定隐藏,多点振动提示功能,扩展了APP界面的控制范围。此外,我们进一步优化原始功能,如标记,保存,共享,下载使用过的镜头数据,设置AB点数限制等。 
兼容Live Air 2/2S,Remote Air Pro 3, Remote Air 4, MOTOR MINI 3。

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Update note: fix APP can not log in the database and other problems

We will update a major version on June 31, 2022. New features: 1. Link and control multiple Bluetooths at the same time. 2. Added Bluetooth selection and link items.3. The automatic running time is increased to a maximum of 9999 seconds.4. Added XYZ axis control interface. Stay tuned!