Download LIVE AIR 3 Instructions 

Please note:
The setting and operation of LIVE AIR 3 and LIVE AIR 2S are basically the same, except that the position of the indicator light of the motor and the way the indicator light appears after the Bluetooth connection is changed from constant light to flashing in different combinations.
Segment details:
00:00-00:16 Product listing
00:16-00:52 Controller battery installation and removal
00:55-01:35 Motor battery installation and removal
01:36-02:41 Remote air rig installation and removal
02:41-04:13 Quick start instruction
04:13-04:44 Automatically calibrate the lens
04:47-05:15 Switch motor direction
05:17-05:48 Clear motor stroke / Restore motor stroke
05:48-07:05 A-B point limit / automatic operation
07:05-07:57 Switch to ZOOM mode
07:57-08:17 Re-pair bluetooth
08:17-08:36 Indicator light instruction
08:38-09:02 Charging instruction
09:02-09:31 APP Instruction - Download
09:34-10:14 APP Instruction - Connect
10:17-10:47 APP Instruction - Choose channel and control
10:49-10:31 APP Instruction - AB point limit and automatic operation