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This video will teach you the installation, function setting and use of REMOTE AIR PRO 3.Hope it helps you!
Video Segmentation Details:
00:00-00:18 Foreword
00:09-00:44 Introduction to the controls and buttons of the controller
00:45-01:01 Installation and removal of controller battery
01:02-01:11 Controller grip angle adjustment
01:13-01:37 Motor details
01:38-01:55 Install the motor and antenna
01:56-02:33 Single-channel and multi-channel wiring instructions
02:34-03:13 Signal channel setup and connection
03:14-04:05 Control channel setup
04:06-04:17 Controller ZOOM and IRIS control channel swapping
04:18-05:14 Auto Calibrate Lens
05:15-05:54 Manual calibrate lens
05:55-06:51 Set control speed and rotation speed
06:52-07:22 Switch direction of rotation
07:23-07:59 Set AB point lens stroke limit