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LIVE PRO is a wire follow focus system and developed for the television studio or live broadcast. The precise controller and the powerful motor enough to satisfy most of the professional users.

Sliding Design

RIG AIR's unique handle sliding design, just adjust the height of the handle, it can be compatible with most of the SLR / mirrorless cameras on the market, including BMPCC 4K, Sony mirrorless series, Panasonic GH series, Canon SLR series and so on.

Sliding distance


RIG AIR installed on Sony A6300

RIG AIR installed on Sony A7

RIG AIR installed on BMPCC 4K

RIG AIR installed on Panasonic GH4

Scalability Free Combination

RIG AIR can be matched with a variety of camera accessories
And it can be perfectly matched with PDMOVIE's LIVE AIR series follow focus

Fixed up and down

RIG AIR by fixing the bottom screw and the top hot shoe
screw Make the overall structure of the rabbit cage kit more solid

Easy To Assemble

RIG AIR is equipped with 15mm conduit and hot shoe clamp, which can be installed in three ways, greatly enriching the flexibility of accessories

Three Installation Methods

The hot shoe tube can be directly locked on the camera hot shoe

The hot shoe clamp is fastened to the top and side of the rabbit cage with a 1/4 screw

The hot shoe clamp is fastened to the top of the rabbit cage by a 1/4 screw, and it is also fastened to the hot shoe seat

RIG AIR Installation display

RIG AIR Installation display

RIG AIR Installation display