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LIVE AIR 2 has a perfect battery life system,wide range of controlling , stable data transmission and strong drive capability . LIVE AIR 2 can control the lens preciely.


Two controllers are available for you to choose

PDL-AFP is for focus control

PDL-AZP is for zoom control

control distance

The more advanced data technology , makes the bluetooth transmission distance increase By 10 times, and PDL-AFP linear control distance can reach 100 meters.

*Laboratory data, the actual control distance depends on the actual site environment

Multi-Degree Installation
More Flexible

The controller can be clamped
on 15-32mm tube for different equippment, such as stabilizer,steadicam,shoulder
frame, rockerarm,tripod
equipment etc.

Integrated Fixture

The fixture has fixing hole and a group of positioning gears, which can be directly fixed on the camera cage by 1/4 screw.

25% Reduction In Volume
35% Reduction In Size

The new MOTOR MINI has been reduced by 25% and 35% in size and weight.
More lighter and more easier to install.

Quick Battery Replacement

Both the controller and the motor
use the LI42B 3.7V 600mAh
changeable battery.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The controller is powered by 1 battery for 10 hours The motor is powered by 2 batteries for 6 hours Normal use for 15 hours.

High Torque Strong Power

In addition to longer ecdurance,the most important thing is that its torque and power are directly increased by 20%.The response is faster and the latency is lower.

One Buttton One Lamp

Practical functions such as automatic/manual detection of
lens travel, lens travel reset, and lens travel recovery after power
failure can be easily accomplished with just one key and simple commands.
The indicator light on the body can visually display the current status
of the controller or controller, such as the color display of the remaining power.

Automatic Push And Pull

The APP can directly control the motor,turn on the automatic running function, which can create a smooth zoom effect.

A Complete Equipment
Quick Start

The best companion for LIVE AIR 2 is RIG AIR camera cage, which is suitable for a variety of DSLR / mirrorless camera, can be arbitrarily e xpanded, such as monitors, micronhones. handles. bases, etc.

(RIG AIR needs to be purchased separately)

Applies To Different Types Of Lens

LIVE AIR 2 can easily drive most of the film focus lens and DSLR camera lens