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LIVE PRO is a wire follow focus system and developed for the television studio or live broadcast. The precise controller and the powerful motor enough to satisfy most of the professional users.


• Single channel controller
• 57mm hand-wheel control
• AB point lens stroke limit
• Suitable collocation for control the focus which is the gimbal, tripod and other equipment


• Double channel controller
• Traditional TV broadcast equipment
• AB point lens stroke limit
• Suitable collocation for control the focus, zoomand iris which is the gimbal, tripod and other equipment


The PDL-TC-PF single channel controller has a control handwheel with a diameter of 57mm. Its damped feel and positioning system is accurate to 7200-level resolution, giving you easy focus control.

Luminous Marker Ring

Live Pro comes with a fluorescence marker ring, it can easily tag lens data when used with a single-channel controller. The fluorescence marker ring can be clearly seen when used in environments with poor light conditions.


PDL-TC - PFZ double channel controller has two control units which are rocker and wheel.The rocker control zoom is joules smoothly, and the wheel can be used to adjust confocal focus and iris simultaneously. In addition, it can quickly install on the diameter of 15mm-30mmtripod handle easilv.

Original Foundation But Smaller

MOTOR AIR, the new member of the MOTOR, continues the previous simple design style. The fuselage is thinner, lighter, twice as fast and aerodynamic as the old one. The motor maximum instantaneous power is 0.8 Nm.,equivalent to 70 watts of electrical power. More responsive, almost no delays!

Brushless Motor

LIVE PRO is equipped with a powerful, high-precision brushless motor, a powerful driving force, and smoothness, allowing it to quickly and smoothly control various large dampinglenses.

The Three
Channels Can Be
Controlled Simultaneously

Install the single channel controller PDL-TC-PF and the dual channel controller PDL-TC - PFZ on the tripod handle then let your hand control the FOCUS, ZOOM or IRIS. In addition, you can also individually install the single/double channel on a rocker arm or shoulder carrying equipment to control the FOCUS, ZOOM, and IRIS.

General And Stable
Data Transmission

When the LIVE PRO is in some kind of harsh environment, such as severe shaking, severe cold and heat, long term wear and tear. The aviation self locking six pin plug provide its advantages : safe and reliable. it can keep the performance of the product in a stable state for long time. Also we combined the power supply with the signal, combining two different transmission lines directlv into one cable. That cable can get to work quickly and it super easy to use.

Film Lens And Camera Lens

LIVE PRO supports applications for various types of lenses. It can be controlled easily, whether it is a long stroke, large damped motion filming, zoom lens or a short stroke light damped camera lens.

Application 2D And 3D

LIVE PRO, which not only controls each channel individually, it also switches two motors into the same channel. using as a 3D Synchronous follow focus.