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Intelligent Focus Motor

  • Portrait

  • Ultra-fast

  • Powerful

  • Easy to

  • Long

  • Quick
    mode shift

We have always focused on cutting-edge technology development and high-quality products. In today's fast-paced photography/videography demands, we strive to make professional products simpler and more advanced, by creating a follow-focus system that is even more responsive than the human hand. To achieve this, we collected data from multiple lenses, studying their patterns and variations, and successfully developed AI lens model virtual technology that greatly improves the efficiency and precision of focusing. We look forward to this advanced follow-focus technology bringing a higher quality shooting experience to photography/videography enthusiasts.

Fully Automatic Intelligent AI Portrait Recognition

Utomatic Lock-on of Portrait Focus, Assisting in Tracking and Focusing. Adopting Advanced High-Precision Integrated Chips, Integrating AI Ranging, Motor, Receiver, Driver, and Power Supply Modules into One

Easy to Operate

Up to 7 sets of lens data can be recorded, and each set of lens data can be quickly saved or recalled, Short press the button twice to quickly switch lens data. Or automatically search and recognize the current lens data during the self-checking process.

Powerful Performance

MOTOR SMART has a torque of up to 1.0Nm, which is twice as powerful as a mini motor, Overall response speed is 33% faster, Overall performance has been improved by 1.8 times, making it suitable for use with various lenses.

Free Combination

MOTOR SMART supports matching with the LIVE AIR Series Full Controller

Compatible with
PDL-TC-AFX Controller

Compatible with
PDL-TC-AFP/AZP Controller

More product details about MOTOR SMART will be released in the future, stay tuned!