LIVE AIR 2 PDL-TC-AZP (ZOOM controller)

$129.00 $149.00
Shipped from China.(It is recommended to buy more batteries for spare and save on shipping.)
Connect and control the PD-BTMP motor to zoom in or out on the zoom lens.
1. Automatically search for bluetooth
2.  Automatically calibrated lens travel
3. Switch the direction of the motor
4. AB point limit setting
5. Adjust the speed of zoom
·Weight: 74g
·Size: 66mm*42mm*21mm
·Operating Voltage: 3.7V
·Power supply: Li-42B recharger lithium battery 600mAh
·Temperature: +60°C;-20°C
·Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
·Working distance: Straight line - Max 100m 
Package list:
PDL-TC-AZP controller*1
Micro usb charging cable*1
Li-42B recharger battery*1
Buyers pay your own taxes.