LIVE PRO PDL-TC-PF (Single channel focus controller)

Shipped from China

Connect and control the PD-MP / PD-MX Slave motor to follow focus.
1. Automatically calibrated lens travel
2. Switch the direction of the motor
3. AB point limit setting
4. Mark lens date
5. Comes with clamp, can be clamped on DIA 15~30mm pipe
·Weight: 209g
·Size: DIA 63mm * H 49mm
·Operating Voltage: 7~20V
·Power supply: D/P-tap power supply
·Temperature: +60°C;-20°C
·Connection: Wired
·Working distance: Reference the control cable length (MAX100M)
Package list:
Multi-control handgrip(PDL-TC-PF)*1; Motor drive cable 1M(6pin)*1
Buyers pay your own taxes.