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LENS GEAR RING/跟焦环(Cannot be purchased separately)

Buyers pay your own taxes.

1.Compatible with lenses with diameters of 42mm-84mm/兼容直径为42mm-84mm的镜头
2.Simple and quick disassembly, no screw reinforcement, back gear self-locking/拆装简单、快捷,无需螺丝加固,背齿咬合自锁
3.High elastic material and resonable hardness makes zoom and focus smooth enough, never skipping/高弹性材质和合理的硬度,让跟焦变焦顺滑无阻,从不跳齿
4.The unique self limiting design is very suitable for lens with no limit or short focusing ring/独有的自限位设计,非常适合无行程限位或对焦行程短的镜头
5.Lens gear ring has been added to live air 2/LENS GEAR RING 现已加入LIVE AIR 2 配套内

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