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1.The product is on pre-sale, 5% discount for purchase during pre-sale.Please enter this discount code:XSEKYV5CZZEV

2.Customers who pre order after November will ship on December 5.

3.If you already have LIVE AIR 2, Just need to order the controller . (They can all be matched)

4.For customers in Europe, please provide the tax number.

This is a significant upgrade.It uses a very small and lightweight control handwheel, which can be used flexibly with a variety of accessories, has a long battery life, an independent power supply system and a stable transmission distance. At the same time, the use of newly-added application expansion accessories such as video electric slide rails/turnable table is even more brilliant. Regardless of individual combat or teamwork, LIVE AIR 2S will definitely give you a completely new experience.

这是一次意义非凡的升级。它采用极小轻巧的控制手轮,可搭配多种配件灵活使用,拥有超长的续航能力、独立的供电体系和稳定的传输距离,同时,视频电动滑轨/轨盘等新增的应用拓展配件使其更加出彩。无论单兵作战还是团队协作,LIVE AIR 2S定能给你焕然一新的使用体验。

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