MOTOR AIR PD-RX 0.8Nm Master motor

$439.00 $519.00
·Shipped from China.
Suitable for connecting PD4-HT / PD2-HT / PD3-T / PD-MX / PD- MP
1.Apply to control various cine lenses or SLR lenses
2.20 signal channels optional; 6 control channels optional
3.Automatically calibrated lens travel
4.Manually calibrated the lens travel
5.Motor rotation direction setting
6.Torque adjustable

·Weight: 196.5g
·Size: L 108mm * W 66mm * H 23mm
·Maximum torque: 0.8Nm
·Operating Voltage: 7-20V
·Temperature: +60°C;-20°C
·Power supply: D/P-tap power supply 
·connections: Wireless 2.4G
·Working distance: Straight line - Max 100m

Package list:
Master Motor torque 0.8Nm(PD-RX)*1
Motor D-TAP power cable 0.7m(6pin)*1
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